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Can You Save Your Marriage If the Love Is Gone?

Married couples vow to stay together till death do them part, but many go back on that promise and get divorced. In the beginning, couples start out loving each other dearly, but over time, those feelings can turn into hostility. Many of these marriages break up within the first five years which can lead us to believe that the partners were more in lust with each other than in love in the first place. If you were truly in love, you would be able to make it through both good times and bad. If there isn’t a lot of love left in your marriage, how are you supposed to deal with it?

It’s hard to continue to live with a person that you no longer feel connected to. Certain obligations like children or finances may be keeping you around instead of the love of your partner. You should know that it’s possible to rekindle your romance even if all hope seems lost. It’s going to take some work, but it can be done. You will need to take time out of your schedule to discuss issues and feelings with your partner. Try to figure out when you first realized that you no longer loved your spouse. What caused you to feel this way? You and your partner will need to discuss your true feelings honestly and openly. Don’t try to place all of the blame on your partner either.

Maybe you’d prefer to leave things the way they are and just live with the situation. It may seem silly to do this, but there are actually a few reasons why some people would prefer to do so. Many times couples try to co-exist for the sake of the children. Don’t be fooled, however. If you stay together just for the sake of your children, it won’t make things any better especially since they can clearly see something is wrong. Many people aren’t willing to accept the fact that their marriage has been a failure. Others decide to stay because living on their own may not be financially possible.

Staying together does work out for some couples. Communication is still key as you and your spouse attempt to work out an arrangement that will satisfy each partner. It’s best that you don’t let your friends’ marriages determine how happy you are in yours. No two marriages are the same, just like no two people are the same.

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