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Buying An Engagement Ring

The best way to buy your partner an engagement ring she will love is to let her pick it out herself, however, most men are reluctant to take that approach because they want it to be a surprise or they want to be discreet about pricing and payment issues. If you need to choose one yourself, you have to be sure to know what you are doing. Be sure to adhere closely to what you think your loved one likes and does not like; use her current jewelry as a basis for what she might want from you. As an absolute minimum you need to establish whether she prefers vintage, classic looking jewelry or contemporary looking, bold jewelry. Think about any shopping trips the two of you have been on and if she has ever showed interest in a certain type of ring or type of jewelry.

If you want some confirmation of what styles your partner currently likes, then next time you are out shopping take a subtle detour to a jewelry store. You can pretend that you need a new watch and take some time considering the different ones available so that it will give her time to do some looking around. Inquire whether or not she liked anything she noticed in the store, and keep in mind what she says. If you really do not have any idea of what kind of engagement ring to get, then choosing a diamond ring is a safe bet since almost all women like diamonds. While you might not feel that you have the money for a diamond engagement ring, you would be surprised at how cheap they can be. With a bit of investigation, you can find the ideal diamond in your price range, as they are graded in terms of how they are cut, what color and carat they are, and how clear they are. You can get some great deals on ones that are slightly flawed, where the flaws are not visible to the naked eye.

You also need to figure out the size of the ring you want to get her, so that it will fit well on her finger. If she has any rings that she wears on her engagement ring finger already then try to get hold of one of them if she happens to take them off. An alternative approach is to get hold of one of her gloves or to draw around the outline of her fingers under the premise of having a bit of fun. If the ring you choose is not the right size, or if she does not like it for whatever reason, remember that you can always go back later and change it for one that she likes or one that fits. Make sure you let her know after you give her the ring that you do not mind if she does not like it and wants to exchange it for another one that she likes more.

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