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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring: What You Should Know

Buying a diamond engagement ring can be among the most frustrating tasks for a man; especially if he is attempting to do it without the knowledge of the special individual in his life. How do you select the most suitable design of the ring and how big should the stone be? Should the gold be yellow or white? Is there any information to help a guy out in this most apprehensive time of his life? Whether you are the man or the soon to be engaged woman, here are some helpful tips.

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Among the first things you should do is research the company you are about to do business with. Get information about earlier sales and the quality of the products they sell. Additionally, evaluate their quality and cost with other well established companies.

If you are aware of what to be on the lookout for in a diamond, you can compare it to the characteristics of the individual for whom you’re making the purchase. Understanding the four “C’s” of a diamond – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight – will provide you insight into the personality of the stone. Of the four “C’s”, clarity is what jewelers say gives the stone a character of its own. They rate the diamond on a scale of imperfect, which has too many flaws, to one with no imperfections. Finding the diamond with no imperfections is quite uncommon (less than 1%) however the diamonds with some flaws are more likely to imitate human qualities.

The brilliance of the diamond comes from the way it reflects light. The stone’s makeup plays a huge role in how the diamond is cut. Once the imperfections are observed, a cutter will attempt to design his cuts to eliminate the imperfections, and at the same time produce the best angles where the outcome is brilliance.

Choosing the color of the diamond is also an aspect to consider when picking a stone with the right personality. A clear diamond with no color gets a “D” score and is the most expensive. The more color you perceive, the less flawless the stone is. Is there a color that pops into your mind when considering that special someone? You should pay attention to this when considering diamonds.

The weight or carat weight of a stone can be confusing because prices can be as much as four times as much for a diamond only twice the size of another. The weight is gauged by the vendor and must be disclosed to the consumer. The role it plays in the character of the stone is as large as the remaining three “C’s” except if the diamond is of substantial size.

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