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Bridesmaid Gift Etiquette

          Bridesmaids work hard, and they deserve to be thanked accordingly. There are many wonderful ways in which a bride can express her appreciation for her wedding party, but the most important is the bridesmaid gifts. Without them, no wedding is complete. Before you begin shopping, be sure you know the correct etiquette of choosing and giving bridesmaid gifts.
          Bridesmaid Gifts Are Mandatory. Many expenses can be cut out of your wedding budget, but bridesmaid gifts are not one of them. Your friends go to a lot of trouble (not to mention expense) to be in your wedding, so to skip the thank you gifts would be in very poor taste. As long as they are chosen thoughtfully, the gifts need not be extravagant. Crystal wedding jewelry is affordable and very beautiful, so it is a perfect choice for bridesmaid gifts.
Gifts Do Not Have To Be Identical. Often the bridesmaids will all have different tastes, and finding a gift that will appeal to all of them is a challenge. The good news is it’s not required! It is perfectly acceptable to choose different wedding jewelry for each bridesmaid or even to give them totally different gifts. It’s important to remember to keep the gift comparable in value when choosing different gifts for each bridesmaid.
            The Maid of Honor Gets An Extra Special Gift. While you definitely want to be even-handed in selecting gifts for your bridal party, it is expected that the bride will splurge a bit on her maid of honor. You can give the maid of honor an addition piece, such as a matching bracelet, if you are giving all your bridesmaids jewelry sets. For example, your bridesmaids could all get monogrammed luggage, and the maid of homor could get a matching cosmetic bag. Your head attendant can recieve a more extravagant gift when buying completely unique gifts for each bridesmaid.
            Bridesmaid Gifts Should Be Given At A Special Time. To make your bridesmaid gifts extra special, it is nice to give them at a special time. Often, a bride will host a bridesmaid luncheon a few days before the wedding; this intimate event is a traditional time to give your bridesmaids their gifts. If you are not having a luncheon, you could present the gifts to your bridesmaids during a spa day or other time when you will all be together. Try not to give the bridesmaids their gifts during the rehearsal dinner, since it is a very busy event and not a special time for just the bride and her bridesmaids.
Bridesmaid Gifts Are Timeless. Wedding jewelry is a popular choice for bridesmaid gifts because it is a lasting memento cialis of the even. Engraved silver items like compacts, picture frames, or jewelry boxes are classic bridesmaid gifts for the same reason. Your bridesmaid gifts should be something with lasting value. It is best to avoid anything that will get used up, such as a gift certificate to a restaurant or a magazine subscription. Also stay away from very trendy items which will quickly lose their appeal. With these tips, you’ll be sure that your bridesmaids will love their special gifts.

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