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Bridal Jewelry For Every Season

Crystals & Pearls

The perfect wedding accessories are beautiful, complement the style of the bridal gown, and suit the time of year. After all, a piece of jewelry with a snowflake motif would be gorgeous for a winter wedding, but a bit out of place for nuptials in July! Learn how to select the perfect bridal jewelry for every season to beautifully complete your wedding ensemble.


            When it comes to spring wedding accessories, buy cialis think light, feminine, and romantic. A lovely and easy addition to a bride’s attire and jewelry ensemble are soft pastel colors. For a daytime spring wedding, a necklace made with light pink pearls would be beautiful on a bride wearing a lace bridal gown. Light and airy describe the open style of a pair of pearl chandelier earrings, which are also a perfect choice for spring time weddings. Accessories with a floral motif, like pearl bridal hair jewelry in a flower design are a feminine finishing touch.


            In the summer, bridal jewelry should feel open, airy, and festive. A pearl tin cup necklace would be ideal for a summery organza or chiffon wedding gown. Summer is always a good time to explore popular trends, like a chic pair of crystal stiletto earrings. You are more than welcome to mix and match all kinds of different styles and types of bridal jewelry for your summer wedding also. Summer celebrations tend to be less formal, which means that the traditional rules do not really apply. If you will host your warm weather nuptials at the beach, by all means check out great beach theme bridal jewelry, such as a crystal starfish necklace or a set of tropical pearls.


            Warm colors set the tone for autumn, and this is true for brides as well as décor. A bridal jewelry set in rich fall colors like bronze or amber would be fabulous with an ivory bridal gown. You will find that wedding jewelry which is handcrafted from Swarovski pearls or crystals will be available in virtually any fall color you could ever want. An autumnal motif represented with necklaces and earrings is another fun idea for fall bridal jewelry. One autumnal motif that would be beautiful on a fall bride would be a sparkly leaf pendant or earrings made with Swarovksi crystals!). Warm colored wedding jewelry is less traditionally “bridal” than white pearls, and will make it very easy to wear in the future after the wedding is over.


            Winter weddings are generally more formal and always very festive. Sparkle is definitely tops for any winter bride! If you want to make a statement, then adorn a pair of custom made crystal and pearl chandelier earrings worn with a beautiful wedding dress. A dazzling set of crystal bridal jewelry featuring a coordinating necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings would be perfect for any winter bride. You can complete this wonderful look with a pearl and crystal headband or comb. During this fun and festive time of the year, its very hard and almost impossible to overdo the sparkle!


            Of course, certain pieces of bridal jewelry are perfect all year round. What has been a tradition and the most beautiful bridal accessory is to wear a classic strand of pearls accented with a pair of pearl or crystal earrings. An elegant pair of diamond or cz studs is also gorgeous in any season. They key is to find the perfect accessories for your dream wedding gown, and once you do find them, the end result will be amazing!

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