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Being A Best Man: It’s All About Helping Out Your Best Friend

The Best Man is responsible for a variety of tasks for the wedding, not just his best mans speech. Because they can vary, be sure to talk to the Groom about what you should do. The Best Man probably has most of his miscellaneous duties before the actual wedding. One of the most important is being a source or moral support for the groom.

A wedding is, without a doubt, very stressful, but it is also a very important milestone acomplia prices in the Groom’s life. He’s not only going to need you to prepare a best mans speeches, but is going to need the support of his best friend, so be sure to be there to provide it. Sometimes, the Best Man will be asked to help plan the wedding, but don’t panic. You don’t need to establish a color scheme or plan hors d’œuvre.

First, help him decide on a date for the actual wedding. Weddings are commonly held on weekends, but a weekday wedding isn’t unheard of. Make sure to include relatives that have to fly from out of town in your planning, they will want to be part of the wedding too. Make sure the date is sufficiently in the future so people can get plane tickets for cheaper, as well as allowing people to get time off of work. The location and the date of the wedding tie very closely hand in hand. Don’t hold a wedding on the beach during the summer when it’s 90 degrees. You don’t want the Groom to pass out from heat exhaustion.

The minor details of weddings can be pretty important, so when planning, try not to skim over them. If the Bride and the Groom have a specific person in mind that they would like to preside over their wedding, make sure he is contacted well enough in advance to be available.

If you are in charge of getting the Groom to the wedding location, make sure you are there at least an hour before the designated time. This will eliminate any last minute panic and careless mistakes. You definitely do not want the Groom to be late to his own wedding. You know his wife would never let him live that down. So protect your Groom and get him there on time! And don’t forget to practice for your big best man speechs.

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