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Beautiful Wedding Songs: A Song For My Son

Wedding songs are one of the many important matters that you will need to consider when getting ready for a wedding. There are many types of wedding songs, and one of the popular types is the Waltz songs played as wedding songs. These songs are perfect for the different wedding dances, among them the newly married couple’s first dance, the bride and her father’s father-daughter dance, and the groom and his mother’s mother-groom dance.

The mother-son wedding dance is among the means where a son can show appreciation for his mother’s hard work all of these years. It is a way for him to demonstrate his love and affection for his mother and this is also a way for a mother to tell her son that she will continue to be there for her son, regardless of whether he already has his very own family. A mother’s love for her son is extraordinary, which is the main reason why this dance shouldn’t be left out at a wedding celebration.

One Waltz song you will have to mull over for this dance is A Song for My Son by Mikki Viereck. This song is a very wonderful song that’s excellent for the mother-son dance. You can dance this song, which has a steady, easy to hear beat and an overall play time of 3:05 minutes, in Waltz style.

A Song for My Son actually has two versions: a traditional version sung by Mikki Viereck and the country version sung by Donna Lee Honeywell. The traditional version is a lot more rapid than the country version.

The song speaks of a mother’s message for his son, the groom. It is filled with so much love that you might actually want a tissue as you watch this song danced during the mother-groom dance. Without doubt, among various Waltz songs used as wedding songs, A Song for My Son is significantly one of the greatest and most beautiful.

Susan Todd hopes all couples to have a remarkable first dance, together with the father-daughter and mother-son dances during the wedding day using only the most meaningful wedding dance songs. This is the reason her website contains reviews on the numerous wedding songs you can play on your wedding day, including the Waltz song A Song for My Son by Mikki Viereck.

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