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Bachelorette Party Planning Tips


Bachelorette parties for the ladies have become almost as popular as bachelor parties for the guys in recent years. Just as the groom gets his last cialis online chance to go out and have a crazy adventure before settling down into married life, so does the bride now. Find out what goes into planning a fantastic bachelorette bash.

A bachelorette bash is a time for an engaged woman to paint the town red with her girlfriends. Pub crawls are a very common type of party. It works well to make the rounds downtown where the places are close together or rent a limo for the evening to go further afield. Obviously, a designated driver is key for this type of party. It is usually only the bride’s best girlfriends and sisters who attend the bachelorette!

The guests need to pay for their own tab at this kind of party. They also need to pay for all of the bride’s expenses for the night. The bride’s friends usually get her a tiara or veil to wear out so that everyone knows she is the bride-to-be. Most brides find that they cannot pay for a cocktail at their bachelorette – if the bartender doesn’t comp her, another bar patron will probably send her drinks. A pretty pair of crystal heart earrings would look great with the bridal t-shirt. If you choose clear crystal heart earrings, you can even wear them again for your wedding.

It’s a good idea for the party planner to find out what the bride-to-be wants before making any wild plans for the bachelorette night. Sometimes the party planner wants to make it her mission to plan a bachelorette that is wilder than the groom’s party. However, not every bride is comfortable with a raunchy celebration. Don’t plan a night of debauchery if that is not her style. Remember that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so don’t do anything you would be made if your fiance did! You wouldn’t want your fiance to find pictures of you having guys doing body shots off you in a bar online, after all!

If the bride is not really the pub crawl type, a great alternative is to go on a wine tasting tour. It is a bit more genteel, yet also a lot of fun. If you are lucky enough to have a vineyard nearby, you can have an event there or plan a weekend trip to the wineries in Napa Valley. Another option is to plan an evening at a local wine bar. Another fun idea is to have a private wine tasting event at your house. Serve a selection of hard and soft cheeses that complement the wine. If you like, you could roll a low-key bridal shower into this sophisticated bachelorette.

The final bachelorette party planning tip is to have it about a month before the wedding. It might be too hard for the bride to fit another party into her schedule in the final weeks before she ties the knot. Besides, it may take a few days for everyone to recover from the bachelorette party and be in tip top shape for the wedding!

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