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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings – An Engagement Ring That Is A Little Different

When looking around for engagement rings there is a lot of choice available to you, but Asscher cut engagement rings are a particular cut you may want to consider if you are looking for something different but beautiful. The truth is that many people do not know what an Asscher cut is, but they may be surprised about how much they actually order rimonabant like it once they take a look at a few examples of Asscher cialis cut engagement rings.

There are a great many different cuts for diamonds. Emerald, round, princess and oval are a few of the more commonly known cuts. The Asscher cut was created by brothers who lived in Holland in 1902. An octagon is the most common shape to describe an Asscher cut. Really it is a square with very trimmed corners. Jewelers may also refer to this as a modified cushion cut diamond. The stone has a mirrored effect which is made up of the many different steps when cutting the stone. The multi-dimensional look of the stone is what is achieve by these different cuts.

Due to the increased dimension in Asscher cut engagement rings, it is even more important that you pay attention to the quality of the stone that you are purchasing. With these facets, if your stone has imperfections, they will be easier to see with the naked eye. In Asscher cut engagement rings, colour is also of great importance. Obviously, you want you stone to be as near to colourless as your budget will allow. When shopping for your diamond you will want to think about size too. Asscher cuts are best at around 1 to 1.5 carats although it is possible to get stones that range from a third of a carat to over 3 carats. Checking that your diamond is registered with the High Council for Diamonds or the Gemological Institute of America is very important. These two organizations oversee the certification of all Asscher cut diamonds and ensure that they have been cut properly and in accordance with the Asscher cut patent.

Thinking about the setting is your next focus once you have found your stone. The four-prong setting is the most popular setting for most Asscher cut engagement rings. This setting is popular due to the increased hight for your gemstone allowing more light to get to the stone therefore creating a more brilliant effect. This is not the only type of setting for Asscher cut engagement rings. A vintage style of pave diamonds around the center stone is another popular choice of setting. Other rings will use surrounding stones to further enhance the unique beauty and cut of the Asscher cut center stone.

An engagement ring is probably one of the most important purchases that you will ever make. Investment wise Asscher cut engagement rings are great and they have a timeless, classical feel that will never go out of fashion. If you want to show your girlfriend just how important she is to you the an Asscher cut diamond will definitely convey that message and make your proposal even more special.

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