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Ask The Right Questions Before You Book Your Wedding Reception

Think saying “I do” is going to be the foremost emotional moment in your wedding? Most likely so, but putting down a deposit on your wedding venue may be a close runner-up.

Reception prices consume nearly [*fr1] the budget for the marriage, that nowadays means that you’ll be able to expect to lay out almost $13,000, as well as food. And also the venue you select can not only limit your selection of caterers or bakers, it’s sure to affect how a lot of you pay to “cowl up” its weak spots or accent its highlights. Most stressful of all, the favored venues book far ahead, forcing brides to form the massive decision virtually as they set the date.

For that reason, the savvy venue-hunter needs to know what queries to raise before she walks in the door, a lot of less signs the contract. Here are some ideas:

Do you have a pre-set list of caterers I will use, or can I choose my own?

Some venues — high-finish ones with their own catering staff, or small-town ones with little competition — need you to use the in-house caterers or select from a little list of “approved” vendors. It will be tough to get taste-tests or otherwise place this kind of vendor through its paces. If you’re stuck with such a listing, search high and low for brides who have “been there, done that” and will offer you their honest opinions.

Any restrictions on decorations?

Several venues have them, but rules vary widely from place to place. Common restrictions embody: no open flame (or no flame whatsoever), no tape or tacks on the walls, or no confetti. When linens are provided, some halls can prohibit the use of pins. Raise if the hall will offer any decorations themselves, particularly around holidays. Helpful centerpiece things such as hurricane lamps or Eiffel vases don’t seem to be uncommon.

Can we have a tendency to bring our own liquor, is there a “corkage” fee, and do we have a tendency to want a license?

If the liquor’s to flow freely at your wedding, you will save an immense amount of moolah by bringing your own. But some venues prohibit this and need you to shop for from them. Even worse is that the venue that says “yes” to bringing your own alcohol, however charges you a necessary “corkage fee” to serve it — which typically starts at an incredible $ten per bottle or a lot of! You will wish to be crystal-clear on the fine print concerning alcohol before you commit to a venue.

As for licensing, many states take into account wedding receptions to be an “unlicensed social function,” that means you do not need one as long as you’re not charging anyone for the alcohol. But be positive to test your native laws before moving ahead — and ask your venue if they know of any licensing requirements.

Is there a cake-cutting fee?

Some venues even limit your selection of bakers, however most don’t. A more common (and sneakier) tactic is to charge you a cake-cutting fee, which like corkage fees, can extremely add up — typically at $one per slice!

DIY Detective Work

These, after all, are only a few of the queries you may need to ask a prospective venue manager. A few additional tips whereas you are trying out the place:

– Bring a tape measure. Get the scale of the area, the tables, and the space between any options which may impact your decor, like windows. How many shops are there and where are they located? What kind of climate control is available to you?

– Check the kitchen. Does it look clean, roomy and appropriate for your catering workers to figure from?

– Check the hall itself. Where will you set the band, the cake table, the coffee service? Are there coat racks for your guests? Could be a sound system obtainable?

– Check out the parking. Is it ample? Is it paved, or will it get muddy within the case of rain? Is there handicap access?

One final issue to urge clear before you autograph that contract is your venue’s cancellation policy. But hopefully, with these useful tips, you may have done enough homework to rest simple in your alternative and not worry about having to cancel. Currently that you have signed, take it slow to take a seat back and relax … before you tackle the next task in that thick wedding planner!

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