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An Introduction To Your Beach Wedding Planning

Despite the beauty and romance involved a beach wedding poses many serious challenges. The first is the journey of your guests from the wedding cars on to the beach. It is not so easy to walk on the beach and if some of your guests will be on wheelchairs, as is fairly common, they will need assistance moving across the heavy sand. An event manager who also knew much about the wedding venues NZ and some wonderful bay of islands accommodation provided the following information.

You will also need to think about the tide and carefully observe the behaviour of the water on the beach at about the time you plan to have the wedding. A little miscalculation could see your guests’ feet soaked with water if the tide unexpectedly comes in and ruins everything. This is one of the reasons why you will have to choose your wedding date carefully making sure that the season is right and that rain or other aspects of nature that could ruin your wedding day are highly unlikely on the date you end up with. And even then it will be wise for you to make contingency plans of a tent for instance just in case there is unexpected rainfall before you exchange your vows.

There are a lot of other very basic things to think about. For instance how close are washroom facilities from the beach venue of your wedding and how clean are they? You will need your guests to be as comfortable as possible so you will need to ensure that washrooms are clean and accessible on your big day. Then there is the question of whether to go for a public beach or to hire a private one. The answer here depends on how comfortable or otherwise you feel with other curious beach users turning up for your ceremony. And so if you want to keep it private you will need to hire a private beach well in advance of the date to avoid disappointment.

Usually the dress code for beach weddings is much more relaxed with the guests turning up in the kind of casual wear that reflects the surroundings. You will also need to remember that the bride will have to give up the usual gown with long train behind and go for a simple white sun dress instead. The groom’s dress will be equally informal and so you will need to think this through before you confirm your beach location for the wedding. In keeping with your beach theme remember many other aspects will have to be consistent with your chosen location, like the music for instance. As you consider how to plan your beach wedding just remember that a lot of the trouble that may have to go into it is well worth it because there are few locations that will beat a beach for a really romantic memorable wedding.

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