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A Wedding Trap to Avoid

First, a true story: After what seemed like a fun, successful wedding with 100 enthusiastic guests, the Taiwanese groom collapsed and died. A tragic story, but the saddest part is that the cause of the unfortunate man’s death was probably the large amount of alcohol he ingested at the reception.

You may not be worried about death from alcohol poisoning, but when generic for cialis buy Phenamax online you plan a wedding it is wise to take into account that not every guest will handle drinking as well as you might wish. Wedding horror stories often feature overindulging guests making speeches they wish they hadn’t, cialis no rx and unfortunately they are mostly true.

Especially if you know that some of your guests tend to drink too much, you may want to avoid the well-stocked open bar. It’s a very popular feature, but there’s no denying that it tends to encourage drinking beyond what people would normally engage in. If you don’t want to seem stingy by having your guests pay for drinks, you could consider not serving hard liquor at all. At a large wedding, you might consider giving out drink coupons that can be exchanged for alcoholic drinks. No matter how much you wish for a lavish wedding with plenty of food and drink, it may be wise to figure out a way to limit the amount of alcohol that is being served. In the end that may be just as important as choosing the perfect wedding dress.

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