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A Unique Bridal Shower for the Unique Bride

Let’s face it: not every bride dreams of the bridal shower where she’ll eat cucumber sandwiches holding her pinky finger up all day listening to classical music. There are some brides – human brides – who would prefer something a bit more original and different. There are some great ideals for bridal shower themes for unique brides.

Secret #1: Always think of the bride. When it comes to planning the best bridal shower ever, refer to secret #1: always think of the bride. While the bridal shower may involve family, friends and other loved ones – the bridal shower should be an expression of the bride’s personality and taste. It is the ideal time to say something about who the bride is as an adult woman and to celebrate her becoming a married woman. Begin looking into what she likes and doesn’t like so you can know what will make her the happiest. The path to the perfect shower lies in the answers to these questions – even for the most “unique” bride.

A unique venue can be a real boost for a great bridal cialis dosage shower. If the bride has always loved the aquarium, see if you can plan her bridal shower there. If the bride is a history buff, look into having the shower at a local historic home that is open to the public. You might be surprised at how mahy different options there are for venues for special events. Some can be exobitant, while others can cost very little. But you’ll only know if you ask….

Sometimes finding the perfect menu can mean you can execute the perfect shower. Is the bride a chocoholic? Have a sweet chocolate theme and serve only desserts and other tempting treats with coffees and teas. Perhaps the bride has been a margarita girl at heart (and who isn’t?)…then try a margarita shower at her favorite Mexican restaurant complete with Mariachi band. The Asian foods bride would appreciate a sushi themed bridal shower. A wine-loving bride might enjoy a bridal shower set in a vineyard that incorporates a wine tasting. Some brides might be “foodies” and very concerned with the menu – others may not care.

With all brides it is critical that those near and dear to her attend. This is not just for the unique bride – it is for every bride. To plan the perfect unique bridal shower you need to plan it well in advance so loved ones have enough time to travel or prepare to come. You will have a very disappointed bride on your hands if her great grandmother or college roommate cannot attend.

Don’t go bridal shower-zilla on us when it comes to planning. Most people won’t notice napkins that don’t match, if the favors don’t come or if something is spelled wrong. But they will notice the big things. They’ll notice if the bridesmaids and other ladies planning it are stressed about planning the shower – bridal showers should be fun! Shower guests will notice if you’ve run out of ice or cups or napkins. If somebody doesn’t like the theme remind them it’s the bride’s day.


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