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A Typical Day In The Life Of A Dallas Wedding Videographer Filming A Wedding

Being a Dallas wedding videographer is a fast paced and exciting life. It is not, however, an easy job. It requires long hours, hard work, and excellent attention to detail. It also requires you to be able to film as though you are in the thick of the action, without being in the way of the actual ceremony. Many wonder about the life and times of jobs we don’t often think about, or that we have little experience with. Wedding videography is no exception. What follows is, by no means, the way in which wedding videography works for everyone. But it does give a good idea as to the process that a Dallas wedding videographer goes through to give the bride and groom that final product – a cohesive, moving, and well produced wedding video to providing last lifelong memories.

Meeting the Couple

The first order of business for any Dallas wedding videographer taking on a new client is to meet the client. Having a face to face, or even phone meeting with the happy couple helps to create a personal dynamic. This is also the time when the details of the wedding and expectations of the bride and groom are laid out. The details as to which aspects of the wedding are most important to capture, what type of wedding it is, and the logistics must be discussed in detail for the videographer to provide exactly what the bride and groom want.

Scouting the Location

A videographer needs to have a feel for the location that they are filming, and all locations are different. Once a couple is taken on, the videographer will scout out the location. This not only allows them to get a feel for the area, but they can take this time to determine the best places to set up for filming. They will also be able to identify areas that will be difficult to film, and determine the best placement for their equipment.

Equipment Setup

On the big day, the Dallas wedding videographer needs to get all of his or her equipment into place before the arrival of the couple and guests. All microphones, tripods, and other setups will need to be ready to go, but out of the way. Cords, inputs, and other accessories need to be put into place and hidden. The equipment needs to be safely out of the way of the ceremony and guests.


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The main order of the day is filming. Silently circulating the location, armed with camera and microphones, the videographer will capture the action from many different viewpoints. They will film the bridal party preparations, the milling and mingling of guests, the grooms preparations, the ceremony, and all aspects of the reception too.


Once all the raw footage and audio from the wedding is captured, the videographer will then take that raw footage in for editing. The footage is gone through, and all the unnecessary or subpar segments will be removed. What is left will be seamlessly woven together to create the story of the wedding day.

The life of a Dallas wedding videographer is one of hard work and blending into the background. But the work they do is rewarding in a way that many jobs are not. Each and everyday, their work life is based on love. Their job is to capture the love of two people, the union of families, and the joy of bringing them together in holy matrimony.

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