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A Romantic Heart Theme Wedding


Weddings are all about love and romance. What better way to symbolize this than by choosing a very romantic theme for your special day? The spirit of true love will be felt in abundance at a heart motif wedding.

You almost have to have a romantic heart theme if you are planning to get married on Valentine’s Day. It would also work beautifully for a wedding at any time of the year. Selecting the wedding colors is a good place to begin. The classic colors for hearts include red and pink; purple would also be a lovely choice. Pink hearts are sweet and girly, while red ones are more passionate. Opt with a dark aubergine hue for an evening wedding, or a sweet lilac for an afternoon reception. Neutral hues like white or gold work very well for a heart wedding.

You will certainly want to choose wedding invitations with hearts on them. A “two hearts beat as one” theme would be ideal for the wedding invitations. Elegant letterpress heart theme invitations are another sweet idea. A simple red or pink heart engraved on heavy cotton rag paper is an elegant take on the heart invitation. A fun idea for a beach wedding is to design custom invitations made by using a photo of your initials drawn in a heart shape in the sand.

Of course you will want wedding outfits as lovely as the heart theme. A romantic wedding dress with flowing sleeves would be gorgeous. Flowy rose pink or crimson bridesmaid dresses would be delightful. Crystal heart earrings are the ideal bridesmaid gifts for a heart theme wedding. Pretty crystal heart earrings are one of those timeless bridesmaid jewelry gifts that your friends will use for many years after your wedding. Get the groom in on the heart theme too. He could wear a tie with a subtle heart design, a heart pocket square, or even socks with tiny hearts on them. Another possibility is to wrap a ribbon with a tiny heart print around the stem of his lapel flower.

Your wedding cake is the perfect place to feature your heart motif. You can approach this idea in a number of different ways. A classic cake with dainty pink hearts made from icing would be lovely. A sparkly heart shaped wedding cake topper is a fantastic idea. Another idea is to have a wedding cake with heart shaped tiers. Top your lovely cake with handmade frosting flowers. You can also create a whimsical design by scattering best price cialis fondant hearts of different sizes over a cake in a random design. It looks especially pretty if the hearts are slightly different colors, such as shades of pink.

You will find so many additional ideas for using your heart motif. Heart shaped chocolates would be the perfect wedding favor. Or you could have little heart shaped cookies frosted in your favorite color. You can even have a custom light design made with your initials inside a heart; project it on the dance floor at your reception or on the wall behind the head table. There are just an abundance of ways to enhance your wedding with hearts!


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