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A Great Father Of The Bride Speech Example

People, I will thank you all for attending this special occasion. As the bride's father I'm sincerely filled with joy which I can't be in a position to estimate. I have got to say that this is among the occasions that need to be cerebrated with vigorousness.

On behalf of my family, groom’s folks I welcome all kin mates and well wishers who have attended this event. This day we are cerebrating CHARLES AND JANE for tying the knot. I know many of you've come from far to attend this occasion, this shows the loyal love and you real value the bride and groom. It's a splendidly moment for everyone.

I must admit that today I'm very much puffed up, being the daddy of the stunning JANE. JANE, I'd like to specifically note how attractive you are today, this is truly talking a memorable day for me. I thank you for giving meaning to the word father. I fill much honored today. JANE has brought joy to our hearts as family members and now its time you should extend it to your brand new place and live happily with your partner. (This is an instance of a sincere speech, for more examples check out www.thefatherofthebridespeech.com)

Am very happy of the way the pride look today, how she has grown up and above all am delighted she has found somebody who cares and loves her a lot. I am required to applaud the pride for exemplary behavior she has exhibited. She's been compliant hardworking and above all always willing to please. Although I've not known CHARLES for long, I think he has all qualities that one could hope for a son in law to have. For the little time we have been intimate he has displayed a great sense of maturity and I suspect he will make a good partner to my child.

The sole guidance I can provide you with is to live in happiness and respect one another. Wedding brings together two people to make a single entity. In marriage it isn't good to have too many secretes hidden without sharing as a couple. Share everything readily that way you'll overcome temptations. CHARLES you need to remember that women are to be loved and not accepted. Help one another in doing your obligations.

Ultimately, may you be blessed with everlasting love, contentment that grows daily and calm life together. I only wish you ecstatic moments and enjoyment today, fulfillment of your wishes and hopes tomorrow and coexist with love and happiness. Many thanks.

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