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A Destination Wedding – Factors To Take Into Account

French Wedding

A wedding in France has become the big rage recently. Having a destination wedding has definitely been the recent rage. Yet, as endless articles and advice columns can testify, a destination wedding raises a number of issues as well.

Eight out of ten brides would if they could. And there is no question that this is your special day and having it as perfect as possible is absolutely what you should strive for. 

Sometimes couples find that a number of our cialis online family members can’t travel that far and really can’t afford it. On the one hand it is very important for the couple to have them there, but on the other hand it is their special day and they want it the way they want it.  This problem is a growing concern with the economic situation as more and more families are struggling financially. Often guests being unable to attend because of finances becomes a problem at the last minute with redundancy and unemployment. 

When you choose to have your wedding far away from your family and friends, you are essentially forcing people either to have to pay a large expense to attend, or to forfeit having them at your wedding. Having a destination wedding in an exotic location could be the experience of a lifetime for some of your guests, but it can also alienate those who cannot afford to attend.

Now there is not always an alternative option. If a woman in London marries a man in Australia, at least one side of the family and friends will have a very expensive trip and hours of travel. So for some couples they choose a spot in between, but in most cases that seems to just inconvenience both sides rather than one.

How much a destination wedding will cost depends upon travel costs, the cost of the venue and how many people are coming to the wedding.    This will greatly impact your french wedding cost.

Depending on your destination, a single return plane ticket can range from $300 to $1,000 or more per person round trip. With the wedding venue you will typically need to pay a higher deposit than if you were a local. Budget $2,000 to $6,000 for the wedding castle venue alone . Do not consider for a minute skimping on a destination wedding planner – they are worth their weight in gold because you are not even in the country for the planning.{This will add extra cost, but a planner will let you be able to sleep at night.|} {Although the planner’s rates will often depend on your wedding budget, you can expect to pay between $300 and $3,000.}  


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