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A Credit Crunch Buster Wedding in France

French wedding package

 How to beat the credit crunch when it comes to your wedding

Where there is a will there is a way.  Every bride can be a princess bride in the dress of her dreams.  It just takes a bit of time and creativity and perserverence.   

With weddings generic cialis 20 mg being so notoriously expensive, finding a bargain or two can really lighten the financial load. Some brides believe

‘To spend thousands of pounds or end up in debt for a wedding which lasts a few hours is ridiculous.’

Negotiate with venues, change the day from a weekend to a weekday this will make a substantial saving. Use one supplier to do your venue and church decoration this can result in a saving as well. Look at suppliers websites see what they do, some companies only do one thing, use a company that does more than one thing and get a wedding package price.  In these tough financial times a destination wedding package can be incredible value.  Make sure you pick a venue that can offer flexible options with their wedding package.

When selecting your wedding location – for savings think destination wedding, weekday wedding, off season. Get married later in the day so you have less catering to provide to your guests.This will save you a bundle. 

Brides can be quite clever when it comes to getting the look they want at the price they can afford. The whole idea is to keep things affordable without ever looking cheap. These are some ways that real brides have found to do just that.

Wedding dresses unless you are using a designer and having one specially made look in the wedding gown shops if you check the labels 90% of them are made in China so cut the cost go direct to there web site and order direct saving up to 70%. Yes it does work we had a friend of ours order her daughters prom dress and saved a fortune and it was the same dress they looked at in an expensive dress shop.

You can pick up a dress for next to nothing on eBay. Recently, one well publicised bride found an antique dress for only 5p.

Have a look on eBay for your wedding and bridesmaid dresses. You may think that the gowns will all be second hand and that you don’t want to fork out a few hundred quid on something you’ve not even tried on yet… BUT.. theire are brides out there who have managed to pick up their new wedding dress up on eBay from as low as £15 plus postage and packing.

One resourceful bride won the auction, and the seller sent her a form to send back all her measurements and any special requirements.  Some have even bought lovely bridesmaid dress on eBay for her sister for £30. As it was an eBay shop, the seller has various dress sizes of the same style.

It may appear to be risky buying from an unknown seller, but check out their feedback… the more feedback score they have the more reliable they generally are.  Check negative feedback before bidding.

If you are good on a computer make your invites and wedding stationary yourself there are plenty of free programs you can use just buy some nice expensive paper and envelopes. Use the same program to do your order of service for the church and seating plans and place settings for your venue.

Flowers can be one of the most costly design elements for both your ceremony and reception. One way to cut back on the ceremony expenses is to forgo the traditional bouquets for the entire wedding party. That does not mean that your bridesmaids will have to walk down the aisle empty handed. A very elegant alternative is to have each attendant carry one single perfect flower instead of the big costly bouquets. Choose a flower that has a strong presence, such as a long stemmed rose or a fabulous lily. The bride can march down the aisle on the arm of her father without any flowers, and when she arrives the altar, each bridesmaid can hand her their flowers to create a lovely and simple arm bouquet. Instead of looking cheap, it will add a special moment to the wedding processional.

Another way that some brides think about saving on their wedding cake is to order one from a grocery store instead of a bakery. This has the potential to be a very effective cost-cutting measure, but there are also some pitfalls to watch out for. First of all, you need to have a cake tasting just like you would at a bakery. It is also important to find out if your cake will be frozen after being baked. If you save money on the cake but it does not taste very good, you will regret it.

Brides always want to give their bridesmaids thank you gifts that are personal and special, but it is not necessary to spend a lot on each gift. You will find that bridesmaid jewelry gifts can be very affordable at online retailers.

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