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A Castle Wedding

Have you always dreamed of a fairytale wedding with all the trimmings? Then you and your partner will need the perfect setting for your nuptials; will a castle suffice? There is something enchanting and romantic about holding a wedding in the spectacular building and landscape of a castle. If you want to make your wedding truly the happiest day of your life then why not?! Pull out all the stops and rent a castle. It would be a truly memorable occasion that will have your family and friends reminiscing for years to come.


Castles look grandiose, and will look amazing in your cherished wedding photo album. However, when planning castle weddings it is best to take the season into account especially if you are holding the ceremony in the nearby grounds of the castle. Most castles have beautiful lush gardens and lavish halls, perfect places to tie the knot. There are various types of castles to choose from in the UK, spread across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you’re really pushing to the boat out then it may be worth hiring a wedding planner to relieve the stress of organising the event. There are services which specialise in hosting castle weddings, many of these are attached to the castle itself.


If you’re looking for a particularly beautiful castle, then look no further than Rowton Castle. The grade II listed building also operates as a castle hotel, so you could round off a perfect day by spending a night in luxury accommodation. Rowton Castle has retained all the splendour of its past times, enjoying an old-world ambience, whilst also providing services to meet the requirements of the shrewdest of guests. With the beautiful backdrop of Shropshire and the historic town of Shrewsbury nearby, Rowton Castle has how long to take effect all the qualities to give you a special weekend.

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