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A Beautiful Wedding Decoration In India

Any wedding is a special occasion for both of the family members, especially for those who involves into lots of planning to make it more remarkable and beautiful. Starting from choosing a wedding venue and selecting timings for the different rituals, it involves lots about preparing for wedding decoration, lighting, food, and special arrangements of guest, car hire and wedding cake, hiring Indian musicians for live music events and much more. An event manager who also knew much about luxury accommodation NZ and some wonderful bay of islands accommodation provided the following information.

It also involves hiring professional event planner for event décor and other arrangements. The bride and bridegroom are always excited about venue decoration as they want to impress all invites with the theme of decoration they have chosen. And which means that choosing a right décor and hiring event planner does play an important role in deciding every small detail.

A perfect wedding decoration is a combination of lots of things starting from stage decoration, wedding mandap décor, designing special props using traditional articles like diyas, rangoli and lanterns, decoration reception venue and choosing furniture that match these all. There is a lots of things involves into pre-wedding ceremonies also. Mainly chosen with the traditional theme, pre-wedding décor includes designing canopies, arranging colorful flowers like marigold and rose with auspicious leaves to grace the occasion and to give the holy touch as well. The main elements for any Indian wedding decoration are backdrop and mandap decoration. They are explained below in details.

Backdrop is a beautiful option to decorate the wall of the wedding venue and more importantly the backstage of the reception. Backdrops are available in many designs, traditional as well as modern. However many people prefer bespoke design that matches the entire venue decoration and attract the maximum eyeballs. Traditionally the backdrop can be designed with flowers and ribbons however the overall look can be more enhanced with effective lightings.

Mandap is the center stage of any wedding events. Generally a sacred place decorated with marigold flowers and all other traditional props, wedding mandap is the place where couple takes an oath and all traditional rituals happen. Decorating a wedding mandap is a challenging task. These days one can find many mandaps made up from crystals, glass, crafted metals and many more. Creative lightings, colorful flowers, ribbons, balloons and rangoli made up with flowers pastels are the main things to decorate wedding mandap.

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