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5 Tips To Sell Your Wedding Dress Quickly And Profitably

Whether you are a bride who wants to clear out some room in the closet, or you are a retail outlet needing to unload outdated inventory, selling a wedding dress is something that can easily be done in a way that can put a little green in your pocket.  All you need is some know-how in regards to where and how to sell.

Online re-sale sites such as eBay are a great resource when it comes to selling any personal item you no longer use.  However, buyers are still hesitant to hop on board without much consideration.  This will be especially true when the buyer is looking for a dress for her own special day.  For this reason, it is important that you know every detail of the wedding dress you are selling.

Description is key; so you should give as much description as possible.   List all of the special features of the dress; where it is fitted and where it drapes; what the fabric is and what it feels like; buttons, zippers, hems, and so on.  If this is a wedding dress that features lace, you need to adequately describe what kind of lace it is.  Lace comes in many types:  chantilly, alencon, venise and battenburg are a few.  While showing an image of the lace on your wedding dress can be helpful, getting the most money for the dress will occur when you can describe its value through details such as this.   If you are not sure what kind of lace is on your dress, you might try to look it up on the internet or visit the  bridal shop where you purchased your dress and ask them.

Be honest about the condition of the dress.  Nothing is more upsetting to a buyer than to feel they have been lied to.  If there are any spots or tears on the wedding dress you are selling, you need to disclose it in your listing or advertisement.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the imperfection is; be honest about it and address it up front.  Show a picture of it, even.  You also must disclose if the dress has been worn.

Take pictures of the wedding dress you wish to sell.  If possible, do so on a mannequin or a model, so the buyer can get cialis online a good idea of how the dress looks when it is on.  This will allow her to envision how it may look on her.  While a buyer wants to see the dress on a body, she may not want to see all of you.  It is best to take pictures that show only the body, not the face.  Also, your pictures will be on the internet where everyone can see, so you may not want your face to be shown.

List all measurements of the dress clearly and accurately.  If you have taken measurements while the garment lies flat, state that.  If you have measured the wedding dress all the way around, state the measurements that way.  For instance, you can state waist as being “15 across, flat”, or “30 waist”.

When it comes to pricing the wedding dress you are selling, know that you will not get back the full price that you paid.  Although it was only once, the dress has been worn and therefore is considered used; it’s that simple.  A good rule of thumb when it comes to pricing a wedding dress to sell is to ask for half of what you paid for it.  This is closest to the wholesale price of the dress.   Remember, if you sell a wedding dress online, you will have to pay for shipping, which can range from $10-$25.  Instead of trying to calculate shipping, when you don’t even know where you may ship to, it is simpler to just add about $20 to the price of the dress and offer free shipping.

Selling a wedding dress can be an experience that benefits you as well as a bride-to-be.  Following these tips, you should be able to see a quick and profitable sale of your wedding dress.


Angela White is a certified wedding planner in TheBridalCoach.ca wedding planning membership site and writes articles on newest wedding trends, including purchasing chic wedding favours and trendy beach wedding supplies.

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