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5 Helpful Hints for DIY Wedding Invitations

Selecting your special wedding invitation can be a challenging experience. Most bridal couples quite simply do not buy cialis online have either time or the knowledge to go through the many hundreds of customization options that are found in the market. No matter if you intend to create and print your own wedding invitation purchase wedding invitations online or use the assistance of a seasoned stationer in your community, these helpful suggestions may help steer you in the right direction.

Select your wedding papers first

The dimensions, texture and weight of your wedding invitations are the most significant consideration when picking your wedding papers. The weight and craftsmanship of the wedding papers talks to the scale of the event. If you decide to craft your own wedding invite, please insure that that you have matching envelopes for the cardstock specs and style that you have selected. While this could cut down your design possibilities, we suggest loose wedding papers and envelopes that coordinate the wedding invite and the reply card set.

Avoid jamming your printer by choosing the right paper weight

If you want to print your own invites, 96 pound paper is about the thickest that will feed through an ink jet printer without jamming.

Avoid darkly colored wedding papers to economize

While dyed paper card stock is often beautiful and may work well with your wedding colors, it is often difficult to flat-print on colored paper. As an example, it you select red or deep blue paper stock, you likely will need to engrave the wedding invite to insure that ink shades are properly represented. Engraving as well as letterpress, while lovely, raises the overall price of the wedding invitations. As a rule, you can achieve the same exact effect by employing white or ecru paper and simply print in striking ink colors or use colored or patterned envelope liners to match your wedding theme.

Order enough wedding invitations

Make sure you buy enough wedding invitations. Most companies provide wedding invitations in lots of 25 and we generally recommend to couples that they buy no less than 25 more invites than they require in the event that somebody was erroneously neglected or you’ve last second guests. A second printing of your invite is very high-priced so make sure that you order enough.

Weigh your wedding invitations before mailing

Prior to mailing your wedding invitations, which typically will include a reply card and possibly a directions card, we suggest that you weigh the wedding invite at the closest Post Office. There’s nothing more irritating than having your invite returned because you didn’t have sufficient postage.

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Richard May is a Founding Member of the Stationers Guild and co-owner of Therese Saint Clair, a leading stationery store found in Greenwich, CT. Therese Saint Clair has helped hundreds of bridal couples in the metropolitan New York area select their wedding invitations.

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