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5 Easy Tips To Help You Pick Your Bridesmaids

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Having the right group of bridesmaids is important for your big day, and from the maid of honor to even the junior bridesmaids, you need to make sure you make the right choices. Some bridal parties are small and only have two people while others are large and have 16 people. So, before you go out looking for the perfect bridesmaid gifts, here are a few tips to help you make your final choice of bridesmaids.


Tip #1 – Don’t Go Overboard – First of all, you may not want to go overboard when you’re choosing your bridesmaids. It’s not so easy to have more. Also remember that there is a greater possibilty of complications with the more people you have. If you are on a limited budget, buying 16 bridesmaid gifts can get expensive quick. Along with avoiding complications, you will also be able to save money on the wedding if you limit your bridal party.


Tip #2 – Don’t Forget Family – Another thing to remember is your family. Although you may not be as close to some family members as you are to others, it may be a good idea to include them in the wedding. It may avoid a family feud and also will give you the upper hand if you ever need to bargain for something you want.


Tip #3 – Avoid Hasty Decisions acomplia original or Assumptions – Making hasty decisions or assumptions can get you into trouble when you’re picking out the bridesmaids. Just because you think that your best friend may not be able to pay for the expensive dress doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask her. Although she may have enough moeny to buy her own dress, she may get offended if you don’t ask her. So don’t assume that all your bridesmaids are able to pay for their dresses.


Tip #4 – You Don’t Have to Return the Favor – Even if you were in another friends wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to return the favor, no matter how great the bridesmaid gift was that she gave you. If you were involved in a freind’s wedding in the past, but are so close to them now, you shouldn’t feel obligted to make the offer.


Tip #5 – Uneven Numbers are Okay – Uneven numbers are okay for your wedding, so even if your groom is only having 4 groomsmen, it’s okay to have five bridesmaids if you want to. Sure, you’ll end up spending a little more on bridesmaid gifts, and things may look a bit uneven, but it’s better than hurting a friend’s feelings just because you wanted it all to look even.


When you’re picking out your bridesmaids remember these tips and it’ll be a breeze for you. So, now that you’ve picked out your bridesmaids, now you’ll need to pick a bridesmaid gift for each one, but that’s a whole different topic altogether.


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