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46 Color And Design Choices For Wedding Flowers And Bouquets

I thought it would be fun and helpful to group a selection of different styles of wedding flowers and bouquets into color pallets so you could get some inspiring ideas.

Most people have a color in mind when they begin their search for floral designs, but they don’t know the flower names or the colors they come in.  Almost all of the choices used in wedding flowers have been included below.

The bouquets are hand tied, arm bouquets, tussy mussy, round , and a few cascade or tear drop styles because those are the most popular choices used today.  Of course the colors and combinations can be used in any style you wish so be creative.  All of the designs are gorgeous as they are or take the ideas you like from several designs to create your own unique bouquet.


These flowers are so lovely in any design, but a few ideas include:

1) All white roses in a hand tied bouquet, your choice of ribbon in any color

2) White calla lilies in an arm bouquet with white tulips cascading over the arm and mixed in with the calla lilies.  Wrap long stems with wide white satin ribbon and secure with pearl corsage pins.

3) A silver tussy mussy with lily of the valley.  Include a few of the slender flower leaves

4) Casablanca lilies formed into a round hand tied bouquet.  These are big and luscious and very fragrant!

5) Calla lilies grouped together to form a round hand tied bouquet.  Make it as small or large as you like.

6) All white peonies, hand tied with a satin ribbon.  Attach charms with photos or verses – so romantic!

7) Hydrangea pomander with silk organza ribbon.  Unique and different.


1) Light pink, medium pink, and dark pink peonies.  Form into a large hand tied bouquet.  Wrap stems in a wide pink satin ribbon and secure with pearl corsage pins.  My favorite!

2) Tussy mussy with three shades of pink sweet pea.  Add in a few lily of the valley with leaves.

3) Light and medium pink open roses.  Use in any design for an awesome bouquet.

4) Pink tulips, roses, lisianthus in a hand tied bouquet

5) Arm bouquet with a variety of pink roses.  Include white roses with pink edges, light pink roses

and medium pink roses.  Make the bouquet full and add smaller roses to fill in around toward the bottom of the larger roses.  Keep the stems shorter than a traditional arm bouquet.

6) Pink anemonies in a tussy mussy or hand tied bouquet

7) A beidemiere is a round design with concentric circles of different flowers.  A beautiful pink palette would be white ranunculus to form the center followed with dark pink roses.  Add a ring of white stephanotis followed by light pink open roses.  Either dark pink, cream, or white roses could form the last circle.  Galax leaves or lambs ear would be beautiful to finish off the bouquet.

8) New Zealand waxflowers in a silver tussy mussy


1) Golden calla lilies with orange roses in a hand tied bouquet

2) Orange and pink roses with gloriosa lilies in a tussy mussy, cascase, or hand tied bouquet

3) Peach roses,  green hydrangea, cream tulips, and green orchids to form a cascade, hand tied, or tussy mussy.  A biedemiers design would also make a lovely design.

4) Red & orange open roses, bright golden yellow calla lilies, and red hypericum berries are lovely colors for a fall wedding.

5) Orange centered daffodils to form a round bouquet

6) Orange and gold ranunculus with sprigs of rosemary in any style

7) Orange roses with blue delphinium, blue iris, and white hydrangea  in a hand tied bouquet

8) Orange, yellow, and cream tulips, orange and cream roses, yellow ranunculus in a biedemiers design 


1) Purple lisianthus, dark purple calla lilies, lavender passion flower in a lovely cascade bouquet

2) Lavender roses, pink astilbe, purple tulips, and agapanthus in a hand tied bouquet

3) Lavender hydrangea, roses, sweet pea, grape hyacinths in a cascade or hand tied bouquet

4) Purple, pink, and white sweet pea in a tussy mussy, nosegay, or hand tied bouquet

5) Lilac, white roses, lisianthus, lavender roses in a cascade bouquet


1) Green hydrangea, white roses, bells of Ireland in a hand tied bouquet

2) Green and white orchids, white roses, ivalace ivy in a cascade

3) Lady’s mantle makes a wonderful green addition to any design

4) green cymbidum orchids

5) The long green stems of the calla lily in an arm bouquet wrapped with green satin ribbon


1) Velvety red celosia and red amaryllis in a round hand tied bouquet

2) Amaryllis blooms to form a round bouquet

3) Deep red oriental lilies, calla lilies, and roses for a hand tied bouquet

4) Open red roses in a round hand tied bouquet

5) Try red amaryllis cialis online with dark pink roses, chinaberry, and lambs ear around the perimiter of a hand tied bouquet


1) Blue hydrangea pompander

2) Mixed flowers of blue hydrangea, blue iris, grape hyacinth, ranunculus, and cream roses in a hand tied bouquet. Use a blue satin ribbon with

3) White roses, delphinium, agapanthus, blue hydrangea in a hand tied or cascade


1) Sunflowers,  green hypericum berries in a hand tied bouquet

2) Golden yellow calla lilies with yellow roses in a hand tied bouquet

3) Yellow orchids in a silver tussy mussy

4) White lilies with yellow centers, daffodils, yellow tulips in a hand tied bouquet

5) Gerbera daisies in hand tied or mixed in a cascade

As you can see there are so many wonderful choices for wedding flowers and bouquets.  There is bound to be something that matches your unique taste.  Best of all you don’t have to settle for the same old thing.  A simple online search will produce many photos of the flower possibilities listed above.

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