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4 Great Reasons For Going With Specially Made Jewellery

Summary: Custom-made jewellery makes sense for a variety of reasons. Whether you have special requirements or simply want something that’s completely unique, custom jewellery from a reputable, experienced designer is the best way to go.

No matter the reason why you need to purchase a piece of jewellery, choosing to create your very own custom made item sounds right. Rather than selecting something off a rack or out of a case, create a heirloom piece that will be in your family for some years.

Custom-made jewellery is an excellent choice for an engagement or wedding ring when there is no piece in the family to pass down. Having something made just for the special person in your life is also a great idea for a milestone birthday or to commemorate a very important anniversary. And of course, giving yourself the gift of a custom piece to wear every day is the ultimate way to reward yourself for a task well done.

Some shoppers opt to purchase custom pieces to make sure everything they wear or give is a one off. There are four other important reasons you may want to choose a custom jewellery piece:

1. You have highly specific needs that you’ll never satisfy another way. Whether you have got a specific design in mind, want a setting that isn’t among the most typical in the industry or need to incorporate logos, special symbols or other elements that are important to you, you and your jewellery professional have total control over how a custom pieces comes out. With ready made rings, earrings and necklaces, you must take what is in stock or order from a limited number of choices in a catalogue.

2. You need very large or minute jewellery. Despite some makers’ claims to the contrary, showroom jewellery never comes in a complete range of sizes. And not every piece can be successfully sized as there won’t be enough material to make it larger or the setting could be too big for a small hand. Rather than dealing with these hassles, have a designer create your pieces to your specifications, relying on their eye and experience to make sure the final product looks good on you or your recipient.

3. You want to combine elements from more than one stock piece. Perhaps you’ve seen a band you like and a setting that’s perfect, but they are from different companies. Show your choices to a custom jewellery designer, then let this professional go to work combining the elements and improving upon them until you’ve got a custom piece that meets or exceeds your dreams.

4. You need top of the range craftsmanship. Mass-produced jewellery is simplified to make production less complicated and less costly. When you’re in control of a project, you can make sure no corners are cut in achieving the look you desire. The individual attention of a skilled crafter means that the pieces you have custom-made will always look and feel superior to something that comes out of a factory.

When you select specially made jewellery, you’ll get what you want instead of having to settle for what you can get. Whether you decide to design the piece yourself or simply provide some directions and let your designer give you some one-off choices, your custom-made piece will be exactly what you need.

And you or your recipient will never run into someone at a cocktail party who has one just like it.

Petra Bierberg is owner of Petra Jewellery and the best person to speak to when you want to design your own engagement ring.

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