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3 Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Divorce

Regardless of our stature in life, we all have a few things in common. One of these is the fact that when we embark on marriage for the first time, we really don’t know what we are doing. There is no instruction manual even though building a successful marriage is one of the hardest things you’re ever going to have to do. Every union is different, too, so there’s no “one size fits all” way to go about ensuring that your marriage will be successful. You should know that both of you will make mistakes, and you’ll need to learn from them. There are, however, three cardinal rules for every marriage of things that married people should never do.

1. Don’t Be a Spy

The first of these sins is spying. Spying indicates that you don’t trust your spouse, and marriages will fail without trust. If you try hard enough, you can find fault with anyone. You may suspect that your partner is cheating. Does he work more hours than you think is necessary? Some people think that their significant other is too secretive. While all of these might or might not buy cialis be cause to worry, it’s better to come right out and talk about what’s bothering you than it is to spy on your spouse. Your marriage will never be the same even if your fears are unfounded. Communication opens up lines of understanding between a couple while spying merely serves to shut them down.

2. Keep Your Dirty Laundry To Yourself

Another subject that should be taboo between couples is negative remarks about your spouse’s family. You should expect to get along with some but not others as is usually the case. Chances are good that your spouse will also see their warts, but he or she isn’t going to want you throwing them in their face constantly. You can safely discuss specific behaviors occasionally, but it’s best to avoid attacking someone’s character. That will cause your spouse to side with you against his family or with his family against you.

3. The Grass is Never Greener

People also shouldn’t compare their spouse to other people. Don’t brag about your ex-girlfriend’s gorgeous hair because that’ll make your wife feel bad, even if it’s true. Never rub it into your husband that if you’d gone ahead and married Joe, you’d be wealthy now. That’s not healthy for anyone or your marriage since your spouse would probably feel like a failure. Doc No. psdlhsldh-tlshdkl

Kristie Brown writes on a variety of topics from health to technology. Check out her websites on how to save a marriage and stop divorce

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